Terms of service

exchange terms

1. The User is authorized and has legal power to move the funds and e-currencies engaged in the transaction he/she orders.

2.The source and origin of funds and e-currencies involved in the transactions he/she orders are legal and do not fall under any local or international legal restrictions.

3. Transactions effected by NewHyips-exchange are irrevocable. These transactions comply with the terms of service of the involved e-currency systems.

4. E-currency systems are solely responsible for their users assets entrusted to them. NewHyips-exchange service is no party to the agreement between an e-currency system and its user and in no case will be held liable for any misuse of any e-currency system. The rights and obligations of the user and the e-currency system are governed exclusively by the terms of service of the respective system.

5. The User of NewHyips-exchange services agrees that NewHyips-exchange is only liable for the amount of funds involved in the transaction.

6. Any tax consequences of NewHyips-exchange transactions are the sole responsibility of the User.
7. NewHyips-exchange does not verify whether the sender and the receiver of e-currency or funds engaged in the transaction are the same entity or individual, but in no way NewHyips-exchange is responsible for interrelations between the sender and the receiver, does not act as intermediary and does not provide escrow services.exchange who is

8. The Users rights to use the Service are individual. The User agrees not to resell or make any commercial use of the Service without the express consent of NewHyips-exchange. The User acknowledges that the content of NewHyips-exchange website may be protected by copyrights, trademarks or other proprietary or personal rights and that the use of this content is governed by the laws which create those rights and provide for their enforcement. The User agrees not to forge communications transmitted through the Service.

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